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Armour Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of a new class of anti-hormone therapeutics for the treatment of reproductive tissue-based cancers. Armourís compounds are designed to maintain an anti-androgen effect in patients developing resistance to currently marketed anti-hormonals, with the additional benefit of blocking the relaxin hormone pathway, which in turn reduces tumour growth, impairs angiogenesis, constricts tumoral blood flow and reduces the risk for metastasis.

Armour brings an outstanding team of experienced individuals at all levels. Collectively, the team has significant competencies in preclinical and clinical research, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, business development, government relations, market analysis, commercialization, and operations management. Armour Therapeutics has recruited members from the business and scientific community to serve on its Advisory Board to guide management in the areas of strategy, finance, law, medical oncology, and science.


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