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Armourís lead compounds are a class of relaxin receptor antagonists and target a new pathway contributing to tumor growth. Exhibiting cytostatic and anti-angiogenic properties, they are a first-in-class non-androgen, anti-hormonal therapeutics for patients who develop reproductive tissue cancers, such as prostate and breast cancers.

Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer

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AT-001 has a clear competitive advantage because patients may benefit from treatment across all stages of prostate cancer, with the potential over the longer term to complement or delay alternative first line therapies such as radiation or chemotherapy. Given the large prostate cancer market and its projected growth, we believe AT-001 represents a high-value therapeutic for both patients and investors.

  • AT-001 is a novel anti-hormone therapy targeted to a newly-characterized hormone pathway involved in tumor growth.
  • Armourís receptor antagonists suppress tumor growth in a dual-prong action Ė as both a cytostatic and as anti-angiogenic agent.
  • The anti-hormone therapy can be effective during all stages of prostate cancer, including androgen-dependent, androgen-independent, and metastatic prostate cancers.
  • As an anti-hormone therapy, AT-001 has the potential to be prescribed as a monotherapy or a combination therapy alongside existing standard treatments.
  • AT-001 can synergize with chemotherapy, in particular, agents targeting the hypoxia-induced response, such as docetaxel.
  • AT-001 demonstrates efficacy in tumor xenografts derived from androgen receptor-negative (AR-ve) prostate cancer cells.


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